Kitchen Renovation: Before + After

A friend of mine once said that it takes 10 times longer to complete a kitchen renovation than originally planned. It’s TRUE! I’ve been quite absent on my blog lately because of our kitchen renovation project. I won’t bore you with too many details so here’s a short list of what it took to get that beautiful “After” result…

Recessed Lighting.  We removed box light in the ceiling and installed recessed can lights (not DIY, electrician installed).

Re-stained Kitchen Cabinets with Java Stain

Demolished Existing Ceramic Tile Countertop and Backsplash

Granite Countertops.  We searched for MONTHS for a granite color/style we could both agree on. We chose White Galaxy, a creamy white granite with beautiful sparkly flecks.

Kitchen Sink & Faucet.  We chose the Kohler Vault Stainless Single Basin and Brizo Solna Faucet w/ Touch2O feature. We also purchased an air switch for the garbage disposal, a single button on the countertop which freed up a switch for under-cabinet lights.

Countertop Installation.  The crew did a great job and finished in one day! They also replaced the hall bathroom countertop with leftover granite. The hubs installed corbels under the island to give it an upgraded look.

Kitchen Backsplash.  It took me forever to find a glass tile to match the off-white granite countertop. Most white glass tiles have a green tint so I searched for something off-white or taupe. I ordered samples from and found one that worked! We chose Loft Horizon Sand Beach Frosted 2×16 Glass Tile.

Backsplash Installation.  This ended up being a relatively easy DIY project. We borrowed a tile saw from a friend and watched YouTube tutorials on how to install a glass tile backsplash. It took about a week to complete (since my hubs’ work schedule is horrendous), but the end result is beautiful!

Next up…. the baby’s room! After 4 long months… we are finally done with our kitchen renovation. FINALLY.





10 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovation: Before + After

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Love the new kitchen!

  2. Shelly says:

    Wow Shannie the new kitchen is gorgeous!!!

  3. Gracie Ryan says:

    What a difference! Classy!

  4. It’s stunning! Amazing, job! I agree on the difficulties with the backsplash. It’s tough to find a tile that complements the counters, but doesn’t compete. We just picked ours out yesterday.

    • shannonpavey says:

      Thanks Annie! Looking forward to seeing a post about your backsplash selection and install. Thanks for encouraging me to install on our own vs. hiring a pro. It really wasn’t that bad. Sheets of tile would’ve been much easier but the individual pieces weren’t so bad. Thank goodness for spacers and a little patience! Now time to get baby’s room together.. 😉

  5. marie says:

    I love your new kitchen! I am currently doing the java gel stain and I love the idea of painting the interior white. What kind of paint did you use? Did you put a protective coat over it or sand after you painted it white?

    • shannonpavey says:

      Thanks for reading, Marie! I didn’t sand the interior but cleaned them up really good because dust and paint don’t go well together. I just used semi gloss interior paint, something washable. It’s holding up really well. So glad we finished our kitchen remodel. Life is hectic with a 6 month old baby! Good luck with your project!

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